#Rimowa #suitcase challenge – trip 4 #Roatan, Honduras

Packed and ready for baggage handlers

Packed and ready for baggage handlers

More than a dozen baggage handler ‘handlings’ and the ultra lightweight Rimowa Salsa Air looks no worse for wear.

To recap: I’ve been chronicling my suitcase’s travels since last October. Posting pictures of the wear and tear to determine whether I’m an idiot or a genius for paying $650 dollars (CDN) for this hard-shell, seven pound suitcase.

Why did I do it? I’m a scuba diver. I carry all my own gear (except weights and tank). Makes me feel safer when I dive. I was always skating close to the 23kg/50lbs weight limit. The Rimowa is about six pounds lighter than the suitcase it replaced.

This is trip four with the suitcase.  It was handled eight times by airline staff.


-Houston, Texas = 2
-Roatan, Honduras


-Houston = 2


The verdict. The suitcase has dirt ‘scratches’ and scuffs, but nothing that can’t be washed or rubbed off. No dents. I’m very happy and clearly a genius.

Next trip: Cozumel, Mexico later in the year.


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