Brother goes to Rimowa store (and not an #epicfail)

I’ve just discovered little brothers aren’t completely useless.

I was swamped so he volunteered to visit the Rimowa shop on Vancouver’s trendy Alberni Street and in Holt Renfrew. Frankly, I cannot believe they didn’t escort him out!

This is the current state of my decade-old Rimowa Salsa Air. It needs to be replaced with something before my next trip at the end of June. I refused to part with this special friend (we covered a lot of miles together. It now lives under my bed and stores diving equipment.)

Surprisingly, he came back with useful information. He found a red check-in Essential (large). I love red and Holts has it in the size I want. We also both like the forest green, which is a newer colour.

I’ve also been looking at a Pelican bag – not exactly a suitcase, but sorta like one.

The pros of Pelican:
Crazy, thick plastic. Indestructible
$900 cheaper than the Rimowa

The cons of Pelican:
Two wheels (not the four I’m used to). Means pulling, not pushing
Five pounds heavier when empty compared to the Rimowa
Kinda ugly compared to the Rimowa

Decisions, decisions.
You tell me. (I can afford the Rimowa.)

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