The #Rimowa suitcase challenge – trip 2

A few ‘bruises’. Still, no regrets about this pricey purchase.

Time to profess my (so far) undying love for my Rimowa suitcase.

To recap, spent hundreds (Canadian) on a 30 inch Rimowa Salsa Air in October 2013. I carry scuba equipment on my travels and was in desperate need of a very lightweight suitcase.

I did a ton of research about hard shell suitcases and settled on this one because its the lightest of the lightweights. The downside is its only five year warranty compared with Briggs & Riley, which has a lifetime guarantee. I purchased a Briggs & Riley carry on recently for that reason.

Rimowa suitcase challenge trip 1

Trip 2 took me from Vancouver to Cozumel, Mexico with stops in Edmonton (1) and Cancun (2) in December 2013.

Number of handlings by baggage handlers: 10 on Westjet and MayAir.

  • Outbound: Vancouver; Edmonton; Cancun; Cozumel
  • Inbound: Cozumel; Cancun; Vancouver

I’m pleased with my purchase. There are a few more marks on it, but the wheels and handles are free of damage. The suitcase moves well on its four wheels and I love how light it is. No worry about paying the airlines’ punitive fees for overweight luggage.

Rimowa suitcase challenge – one year in photos

Next up. Cuba on Air Canada.

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