About Tank’s Travels

Always in the water. Not sure why it took Tank decades to figure out she’d LOVE scuba diving. (not that bright, perhaps?)IMG_1693

Tank enjoys nothing more than squeezing into an economy airplane seat (window please!) and lugging scuba gear around the world in her Rimowa suitcase.

When she has time to think, she thinks she’s full of great travel ideas, stories and tips.

You be the judge.

When she isn’t travelling, Tank lives in Vancouver, Canada.

She worked as a reporter for CBC News for a long time. Now, she teaches (that’s scary) aspiring broadcasters and does other communications-related stuff.



2 thoughts on “About Tank’s Travels

  1. Hi Karen
    read about your recent trip to the healthier, good deep diving Cabo. Sounds like you had a fab time. Thanks for the hot travel tips.

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