The #Rimowa #Suitcase Challenge – trip 1

The suitcase before journey #1. Pretty and shiny. Not a scratch on it.

The suitcase before journey #1. Pretty and shiny. Not a scratch on it.

I forked over big dough for a 30 inch Rimowa Salsa Air suitcase in October 2013.

The reasons why are outlined here:

Trip #1: Vancouver to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico return via Calgary.

Number of handlings by baggage handlers:  6


-San Jose del Cabo


-San Jose del Cabo
-Calgary (off one plane + onto connection)

Yup, there was some damage. A few scratches here and there.

No big deal. The suitcase held up well.

Stuffed with scuba gear, running gear and clothes, it weighed in at 17.9 kilograms. Well below the 23 kg limit.

Despite the scratches, which I expected, I’m pretty happy with my Rimowa purchase.

Let’s see if the love affairs lasts!

Next trip: Cozumel, Mexico in late 2013.

2 thoughts on “The #Rimowa #Suitcase Challenge – trip 1

  1. Hi Tank!
    I see you are testing your new RIMOWA! I’m glad to hear you are happy so far! I just wanted to let you there are some steps you can take to keep your RIMOWA extra clean. I work at the RIMOWA store in Toronto. If you are ever in the city we offer a Free cleaning service! Those white marks are not actually scratches and can be cleaned off very easily! I hope to see you in here! If you are not around Toronto there are easy steps you can take to clean these marks yourself. I have posted a link to our blog post that will tell you how!

    Good luck and I look forward to reading about your journey’s with RIMOWA!

    • Thanks so much for the link and info. Quite in love with my Rimowa so far (there could be a carry on in my future!!). And I will drop by next time I’m in Toronto.

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