The #Rimowa suitcase challenge – one year in photos


Pristine. Baggage handlers will ensure it doesn’t stay this way.

I bit the bullet. This after months of research. Bought an ultra lightweight Rimowa Salsa Air. About seven pounds.

Expensive. $650 Canadian (covered in part from my 50-50 winnings from last years CBC 20 Year Association Xmas party).

Why? I’m a scuba diver. I carry all my own gear (except weights and tank). Makes me feel safer. Problem is I’m always skating close to the 23kg/50lbs weight limit. The Rimowa is about six pounds lighter than the suitcase it’s replacing.

Polycarbonate suitcases come with problems. They show scratches, they can dent and crack.

Rumour also has it baggage handlers are extra hard on them, especially the ones they know to be expensive.

My Rimowa has a five year warranty. The company is apparently great to deal with when there’s a problem. Briggs & Riley suitcases have a lifetime warranty. Much better deal. But their suitcases are heavier.

So, here’s my plan. I will document in photos the damage done to my Rimowa suitcase over one year. I’ll note the airline, destination and any connecting flights.

Let’s see what $650 buys. Quality or crap? Am I a genius or an idiot?

The virgin bag is photographed above. Trip one: Vancouver to Los Cabos (return) on Westjet.

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