#Travel hacks – take clamps & a paint brush on your next #vacation

These will make beach time even better.

These will make beach time even better.

I love beaches. Not so fond of wind and sand.

Thanks to four clamps and a paintbrush, the quality of my beach life has improved!

The paintbrush

This is a great tool for when you’ve been collecting sand on your wet feet and then lay down on your beach chair. Brush the excess sand off your feet and legs before your towel gets covered in sand. (Also useful for when you fall in the sand in your pina colada-fueled drunken stupor!)

The clamps

Caribbean beaches can be especially windy. The clamps can be used to affix your towel to your beach chair, so it doesn’t blow off the chair or onto you when you’re lounging. Depending on your lifestyle, the clamps might also come in handy during non-vacation times!

A hat with a strap (this Tilley has front and back straps) won't fly away when it's windy.

A hat with a strap (this Tilley has front and back straps) won’t fly away when it’s windy. Tank and Tilley in Thailand.

The hat with straps

Bought this after an encounter with beach wind in Playa Del Carmen. I’m blue eyed and fair skinned and I need a hat in the sun. With its front and back straps, this Tilley hat ain’t going nowhere . I even wear it on fast moving dive boats. Doesn’t move.

For non-windy times, the straps tuck nicely into the hat. Tilley makes fantastic hats that last for years. Worth the splurge.

Hope you find these tips useful. This stuff won’t add weight or bulk to your already overstuffed suitcase. These will be the first articles in my suitcase for my next trip, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in October.

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