Barbarians in the @United Airlines Club Lounge

What the hell is this?


Taking two seats when the United Club is jammed packed. RUDE.

Rudeness abounds. There are barbarians everywhere. Even in the airline lounges.

These photos were taken in prime time at a United Airlines lounge. When the place was bursting at the seams as people waited to catch their early morning flights. Some patrons were unable to find seats with the people with whom they were travelling.

Not only was the woman in this photo hogging two seats, her companion had commandeered two of his own. Their feet on the cushions.

Are you effing kidding me? Who raises people to be this rude?

This is exactly the type of traveller behaviour that outrages people. Whether it’s this stuff or reclining seats or painting toenails in the cabin.

We could all do with a little less of this.

Bon voyage. Learn some manners before you travel again.

Bon voyage. Learn some manners before you travel again.

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