The ‘hat’ came back

Who knew one could come to love a travel hat. I didn’t until I left my Tilley hat at a restaurant in Padangbai, Bali at the end of a dive vacation.

Tilley atop Tank

The hat and its happy owner.

The ‘plaid’ Tilley was an impulse purchase at Vancouver Airport last year on route to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. Since then, it has ‘dived’ with me in Cozumel, Mexico; Grand Cayman; Koh Tao, Thailand and east Bali. I wasn’t able to dive in Cuba due to a tropical storm, but it was with me through many Cuba Libres.

Back to Bali….I felt like shedding a tear for my lost hat, but promised myself a new one once I returned home. Still, on the off chance I might get it back, I emailed my dive company, Aqua Marine Bali, and asked if perhaps a call could be made to the restaurant to see if it had been found. Within a couple of minutes they replied with good news and told me the company driver would pick it up on the way to transport me to the airport the next day.

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A plug for Aqua Marine. They booked my hotel, arrange VIP pick up at Denpasar Airport, and drove me to dive sites and guided me in the water. They gave me my best day of diving ever. Saw baby white tip sharks, Manta Rays, turtles and monkeys (not in the water)! They were worth every penny and Rupiah. They also do full service travel bookings for hotels and excursions in Bali and to other Indonesian islands. I will use them again and recommend them if you’re considering a trip to Bali.

I’ll regret this, but have posted a flattering pic of my hat atop an unflattering me.

After being reunited with my hat, we enjoyed excellent adventures in Bangkok and Seoul. We’re off to Puerto Vallarta soon for a few days of diving at Los Arcos.

The Pedang Bai bar where I loved my beloved Tilley.

The Padang Bai bar where I lost my beloved Tilley.


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