The #Rimowa #suitcase challenge – trip #3

I love this piece of luggage.

I love this piece of luggage.

Another international trip. Another stellar performance by my Rimowa suitcase.

To recap, I forked over about $600 CDN for a 30 inch Rimowa Salsa Air suitcase in October 2013.

The purchase was necessary, because I carry scuba equipment and skate close to the weight limit line. This ultralight suitcase was meant to prevent me from having to pay overweight fees.

Trip #3: Vancouver to Varadero, Cuba via Toronto. Air Canada-Air Canada Rouge

Number of handlings by baggage handlers:  8


-Toronto (off and on) = 2


-Toronto (off and on) = 2

Rimowa visits CubaThankfully, mine was not the bag Air Canada baggage handlers in Vancouver were caught, on video, dropping in a bin.

At its heaviest, with souvenirs and a bottle of rum, the suitcase weighed in at 21kg. Two kg under the limit. The reason for my happy dance at check in.

The case has a few more scrapes on it. Nothing too awful. I’m still delighted with my purchase.

Next diving trip: Roatan, Honduras.

2 thoughts on “The #Rimowa #suitcase challenge – trip #3

  1. Bragging on that suitcase again. For some proper “carry” check out the bellroy website,some cool passport holders for you

    • Thank you for your interest in Tank’s Travels. The Rimowa is a terrific piece of luggage. If you’re a nice little brother, a family member might buy you some.

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