Crocodile, deer and Marc Anthony Cuban-style

You never know what you’re going to get in Cuba.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when a band showed up during my lunch of crocodile and deer meat in a backyard restaurant, tucked behind a one storey house on a residential side street in Palpite, Cuba.

It’s probably an understatement to say everyone in Cuba is an amazing singer and musician. These guys were incredible. Among the songs they performed was Marc Anthony’s 2013 hit Vivir Mi Vada.

Impromptu concert in backyard restaurant

Impromptu concert in backyard restaurant

The meal was the culmination of a terrific day of scuba diving at a spot on the Bay of Pigs on Cuba’s Caribbean (southern) coast. A four hour round trip drive from my hotel in Varadero.

The menu included fresh pineapple and other tropic fruit blended into smoothies.

This was followed by tomato, cucumber and cabbage salad.

Next came rice along with bowls of lobster meat and plates of crocodile and deer meat. Crocodile is a bit tough. Like chewing on a thinly sliced Pink Pearl Eraser.

The other, other white meat.

The other, other white meat.

The food was chased by the best (strongest) Cuba Libre of all time.

This is one lunch I’ll never forget, for the unique cuisine, surroundings and music.



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