‘Disappointed’, rude #Canadian blasts #Cuban

Cry me a river. This woman and her pal were enjoying wine and a smoke a nano-second after chewing out the front desk staffer.

Really travellers.

Where do you get off thinking it’s okay to inflict your rudeness, frustration and self-entitlement on hotel staff?

Tank’s Travels isn’t letting you off the hook.

The Canadian pictured here tore a strip off a front desk staffer at a Cuban hotel.

The women, with friend in tow, showed up BEFORE check-in time and demanded her room. When the staffer told her nicely she could store her luggage, enjoy a beverage and come back at the posted check-in time – because her room wasn’t ready – she went berserk.

“I’m very disappointed” she bellowed as she stormed off.

Within a nano-second she was in the outdoor bar, enjoying a smoke and FREE drinks with her pal. Laughing. Not looking put out or inconvenienced in any way. They sat there long past 3:00 pm. Clearly, getting into her room wasn’t that critical.

I don’t care if it’s 10:30 am or 2:50 pm. Three o’clock is three o’clock. Ask politely if your room is ready early, but don’t attack the staff if you don’t get the answer you want.

Cuba, Canada apologizes to you for this horrible woman.

2 thoughts on “‘Disappointed’, rude #Canadian blasts #Cuban

  1. Oh, we had a similar episode at a Gala dinner to kick off the Whiskey Festival in Speyside. A rather obnoxious fellow from Edmonton was there with his father and two aunts who lived in Scotland. Resplendent with his crossed six-gun bolo tie and ten gallon hat, he was loud, sarcastic and, we suspect, light-fingered, as the rest of us at the table came to realize that a very nice bottle of whiskey, placed there for everyone, had mysteriously disappeared. Spent the rest of the evening trying to compensate and giving him the evil eye.

  2. I found people in Havana and Pinar del Rio to be very polite and friendly – never had any problems. I had help finding my way around Havana while walking and cycling. Please see my Cuba stories on davestravelsblog.com

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