Props to @londondrugs VP


Very cute and takes great images of the shenanigans on my street. See

This isn’t a commercial.

Rather a shout out to (Canadian-owned) London Drugs for resolving a problem I had with my new Olympus OMD camera. Micro four thirds (MFT) and mirrorless. Smaller and lighter than a DSLR. Interchangeable lenses.

Bought for my upcoming trip to the Galapagos. Ground level photos – the descendants of the beasties Darwin saw. (My underwater camera is a Canon G16 point and shoot in a FG-16 Fantasea housing.)

Long story short, Clint Mahlman, COO and senior VP of London Drugs, stepped in personally to ensure my defective camera was replaced in a hurry – like the NEXT DAY.

No shipping it off to a black hole at some Olympus factory for a fix under the warranty. A fix that could take months.

Nope, Mahlman made things happen because I’d owned the camera for only about a month. And, it sat at home for most of that period because I was travelling for work.

I made contact with him after a less than satisfactory experience in the store. No fault of the camera manager, who was only following procedure. A bit too strictly perhaps.


Mahlman followed up with me shortly after the exchange. He could have forgotten about it after that. Only he didn’t. He contacted me a few weeks later to inquire about camera. A camera I love.

That’s excellent customer service from one smart, sincere and PR-focused executive. I won’t forget it next time I need to make a purchase.

In fact, I’ve already purchased an additional lens … at London Drugs.


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