Methinks resort swimming #pools are disgusting

I know there's chlorine in the water. Still think it's unhygienic.

I know there’s chlorine in the water. Still think it’s unhygienic.

UPDATE: Blame pee & poo (June 30, 2015)

Used to love pools at resorts. More than the ocean. Boy, have times changed.

Las Vegas hotel pools ruined it for me. Often there were so many people in the pool that, if you looked closely enough, you could see a layer of slime/oily sunscreen residue/something gross floating on the surface. As well, these people spent the entire day in the pool. Drinking.

Recently in Mexico, I got into the pool seen in the pictures here (the ocean was too choppy.) It was crammed with people. The water was HOT and not in the least bit refreshing. I have no evidence this particular pool wasn’t clean. It was lovely when empty. But, I’m done with resort pools.

Disclosure: I’m about a six out of 10 on the germaphobe scale.

If you haven’t got time to read it, here are some choice words from the study: faecal contamination, free-living aquatic bacteria, E. coli, haemorrhagic jaundice and aseptic meningitis.

Chlorine. The bacteria fixer-upper? I’m sure it works. If it’s used in the right quantities. My co-worker, a former pool guy, tells me to never enter a pool unless I can smell the chlorine.

They even eat in the pool. What else are they doing?

They even eat in the pool.

This posting isn’t meant to besmirch the fine resort hotels out there that take pool cleanliness very seriously.

But, if you happen to see me in a pool, you’ll know I’ve lost my mind. Kindly escort me out.

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