Denver’s #airport terminal from #hell


Cramped, noisy, ugly basement terminal for United Express flights in Denver.

Cramped, noisy, ugly basement terminal for United Express flights in Denver.

A story about one of the most awful places on earth. At least when you’re travelling, really tired, awaiting a connection and have swollen ankles.

Welcome to Hell. AKA the United Express terminal in Denver, Colorado.

Narrow hallways, cramped seating, noisy, ugly artwork, retina-burning florescent lighting and crowded. All the charm of an industrial warehouse.

No one here looked happy. I was in a foul mood following an exceptionally long hike from the ‘real’, modern terminal, then down some stairs into this dungeon, where I discovered the few seats at the gate had all been taken. The gate agent seemed haggard. Left to handle all of us Vancouver-bound passengers on her own. That meant checking ALL passports and fighting over the size of carry on luggage. Plus, deal with people demanding seat changes.

This was a dreaded commuter flight. Not a proper United Airlines flight. Skywest doing business as United Express, under contract.

No frills, no comforts. More like cattle being herded.

Nothing against Skywest. The in-flight service turned out to be fine-ish. (The plane was better suited to transporting toddlers, not fully grown adults.)

Denver Airport. You need to renovate this pit or demolish it and rebuild. Pronto.



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