Great food in “dodgy” settings

Sometimes the best food is found in the most unlikely places.

Sometimes the best food is found in the most unlikely places.

Two of the best meals I’ve ever had were in places you’d never connect with delicious food.

The one shown in the image above was in Thailand at the Damneon Floating Market, a tacky tourist trap. This chicken fried rice lunch was the highlight of that day’s journey.

Images from the floating market …

Good food, quick service and good price.

Could have done without the flies buzzing around, by that’s a problem everywhere.

I ate the other memorable meal, of chicken and tortillas, near Tulum, at the entrance to the Dos Ojos Cenote on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast. The restaurant, if you can call it that, looked like a real dump. It contained a couple of plastic tables and chairs, a colour TV set blasting a Spanish language soap opera and a cooler full of bottled soda. You could see live (and soon to be dead?) chickens out the back door.

The scuba diving company with which I booked the trip in Playa Del Carmen selected the restaurant and its clients patronized it often. And what a great choice it was. Delicious food.

Dos Ojos Cenote …

Travel writers often advise visitors to look for the restaurants where the locals eat. This was one of them. With another visit to this area of Mexico planned, I’ll definitely go back.

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