Travel app review: TravelPod (travel diary/blogging tool)


I downloaded the TravelPod app on my IPad for my trip to South East Asia.

This app allows you to share your diary entries to Facebook and friends via email. You can add your location, images and video.

TravelPod was pretty easy to use. The entries looked pretty good on my Facebook page, when I was able to post them.

The biggest problem was finding a strong enough WIFI signal to publish an entry. The hotels where I stayed, with the exception of one in Korea where I had a router in my room, just didn’t supply a sufficient enough signal.

A bit frustrating when you’re trying to post an entry, with photos, every day.

I was also unhappy you can’t see a draft, the entry with the images attached before you publish.

I’ll keep it on my IPad and might use it again on my upcoming to Mexico.

But, I also might dump it and use this blog (WordPress account.)

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