#Scuba #dive shop breaking up: Roatan

Roatan has great diving. Plus lots of dive shops.

Okay, the dive shop breakup in Roatan is much harder to do than the one in Cozumel.

I’ve been here  in August 2014 and in March 2015.

I loved the divemasters, boat captains and most of the folks at the cafe attached to the dive shop. I also really liked one of the dive shop owners. The spouse and co-owner – not so much.

A couple of things occurred during my 2015 visit. One was an issue around pounding disco music being played on weekends from a bar near my hotel. A matter no one seemed to care was a problem.

The other was a small, but significant incident that occurred on the day of my departure.

Getting a cab in Roatan when you need it isn’t always easy. That’s why I took the dive shop owner up on her offer to reserve me one in advance. I was told this would be done.

Lo and behold on the day of my flight, the cab didn’t arrive. I expressed concern about missing my flight. Plus, I needed to make a quick stop in town before going to the airport. When the owner called the cabbie, he claimed he had never received the booking. The owner insisted she called to book.

Luckily, I had the business card of the fabulous cabbie who brought me to the resort. The owner called and said he’d come as soon as he could – in about 30 minutes.

That left me sitting on a hot, unshaded bench in front of the dive shop to wait. Wondering if I’d make my flight. At no time did the owner check in with me or even offer an apology for what had happened. She just left me there and got on with other things.

Just didn’t seem like professional behaviour toward a customer who had spent a couple of thousand USD in her dive shop in the last six months. Especially since there are lots of dive shops and hotels on the island.

I did get to the airport on time with the quick stop in town. I love that cabbie.

The loud music is more of an issue for me than the rudeness of a dive shop owner.

Both Cozumel and Roatan are on my list for a two week dive vacation in August 2016. Can’t say that either has the edge right now.

Here are some pics from my last Roatan dive trip.

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