Bleeding ears: West End #Roatan’s noise crisis

The world's worst corporate citizen? A contender for sure.

The world’s worst corporate citizen? A contender for sure IMHO.

Frank’s Hideaway Bar is the reason I’m ready to forgo West End, Roatan, Honduras.

I’ll take my business and money elsewhere.

Whomever’s in charge of the municipality has decided it’s okay for outdoor bars like Frank’s to BLAST music on weekends until 2:30 am.

To attack the sleeping tourists on whom the island’s economy depends with pounding, wall & window vibrating dance music in an area surrounded by motels and residences.

I’ve NEVER experienced anything like the audio-torture Frank’s nocturnal DJ and customers inflicted upon me. Was like standing next to a giant speaker at a stadium rock concert.

I spoke to a number of locals and tourists about the scourge IMHO that is Frank’s Hideaway.

  • People who say they’ll never book a West End hotel room again.
  • Snowbirds who’ve spent their winters in Roatan for a number of years and are “looking for another place.”
  • People who are relocating to other parts of the island to escape Frank’s.
  • Surrounding business owners who acknowledge Frank’s is pissing off their customers and is likely to cost them business in the long run.

I tracked down the owner of the apartment where I stayed (who locals tell me is related to Frank). Told him I like the hotel and the location, and hope to make a return visit, if the noise issue is resolved. He mumbled something to me about getting his lawyer to talk to the police chief. Seemed remarkably unconcerned about my concern. Other business folks just shrugged their shoulders, resigned to a problem for which there appears to be no legal remedy.

Simply put, I’m not going to travel for 28 hours through three airports to be accosted by Frank’s folks. My plan is to give West End Roatan one more chance. Then, I’m gone.

4 thoughts on “Bleeding ears: West End #Roatan’s noise crisis

  1. Shame on Franks,El Bosque and all of the other loud ass places that have ruined our charming little village.

    • I sincerely hope a remedy is found. I love the West End and want to come back often. But I’m a scuba diver and I need to be able to sleep. I don’t want to stay in West Bay.

    • It’s even spilling into residential areas as well. Seems we can’t escape the noise no matter where you live anymore…

      • I get that some tourists want to enjoy nightlife in Roatan. And they should. I’ve no objection to Frank’s and the other outdoor venues playing music on weekends til about midnight. As well, they’ve got to bring the volume down during operating hours. I hope my posting with start a dialogue that spurs some kind of change.

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