Bye bye bat #guano, hello SCUBA

Out of the forest and back in the water

Out of the forest and back in the water.



As if a week on the island of Mabul near Tawau wasn’t long enough, I’ll head off for an additional three days of scuba diving at the tail end of my Malaysian getaway in August.

To review….

So, following four days of marinating in my own blood in the leechy forest south of Sandakan and luxuriating in the fragrant fumes of bat guano, I’ll head to Kota Kinabalu (KK).

I’m booked into a pretty nice hotel for four nights. The plan is to dive for three days. Then head to Kuala Lumpur and home again, with a quick stop in Taipei.

I’ve been planning this trip for two years and budgeting for it. I work a second, part-time job, which I LOVE, to pay for travel. Price-wise, it’s a wee bit on the high side for me, but I don’t expect to make this trip again, at least not at this price point. Here are some of the costs:

  • Wilderness adventure – 3N/4D at Myne Resort + 1N in a hotel near Sandakan: $919.00 CDN (all meals, transfers included).
  • Scuba diving for three days, airport transfers and four nights KK hotel: $1320.00 CDN (includes breakfast and lunch).
  • Airfare on Air Asia, Sandakan to KK: $75.00 CDN (luggage fee, advance seat selection and food)
  • Airfare on Air Asia. KK to KL: $145.00 CDN (luggage fee, advance seat selection and food)

Not included in this tally, return airfare from Vancouver to Kuala Lumpur (KL), airfare to Tawau, two nights hotel in KL on arrival and departure days.

The leech socks have arrived. Ordered from the U.S. as it appears no Canadian retailer sells them. The socks will prevent, I hope, blood sucking leeches from ruining my trip to the forest during week two. Have loaded up on the deet too.


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