Bat #guano, #orangutans and #leech socks

Flight to Sandakan and the start of my wilderness adventure.

Flight to Sandakan and the start of my wilderness adventure.

Along with kittens, koalas and sharks, orangutans are my favourite critters. It would have been insane of me to travel all the way to Malaysia and not check out Orangutan country.

So, following my week long diving trip to Mabul Island, near Tawau, I’ll head to the Myne Resort, near Sandakan for four days/three nights of wilderness fun.

Here’s a video about the Myne Resort…

Here’s my itinerary for the four days:

Day 1: Pick  up  from  Sepilok Nature Resort  between  0845  -­‐  0850  hrs  and  transfer  overland to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Upon arrival, proceed with the documentary video show (30  minutes)  before  witnessing  the  feeding  time of  the orangutans  at 1000  hrs. Then  transfer  overland to Myne Resort, which will take approximately 2.5 hours. Upon arrival at the resort, check into your  accommodation followed  by lunch  at the  resort’s  restaurant.  At  1530  hrs,  have  your  coffee/tea  break with local snacks. At 1600 hrs, take a river cruise in search for wildlife along the Kinabatangan River.  Good  chance  to  see  and  spot  numerous  types  of  birds and wildlife. Return  to the resort at about 1800 hrs to freshen up and followed by dinner at 1900 hrs.

Day 2-3: Early morning at 0600 hrs, head to the restaurant for light breakfast before proceeding with the early morning river cruise, which is scheduled at 0630 hrs. Return to the resort at about 0830 hrs for breakfast. Free  at  leisure.  At  1030  hrs,  proceed  with  the  jungle  walk  to the  Historical  Merbau  Tree  or  the  Bird’s  Watching Tower. Lunch will be served at 1300 hrs and free at leisure. At 1530 hrs, have your coffee/tea break with local snacks before the afternoon boat cruise at 1600 hrs. Return to the resort at about 1800 hrs to freshen up and followed by dinner at 1900 hrs.

Day 4: Breakfast  at  0800  hrs  and  by  0900  hrs,  check  out  from  resort  and  transfer  overland  for  visit  to  Gomantong Caves. Then, proceed to Sandakan for lunch at local restaurant. After lunch, continue your trip with the Sandakan City Tour prior to drop off at Sandakan Airport for flight departure at 1815 hrs.

Journey to Myne Resort.

Journey to Myne Resort.

Check this out: “Entering the cave is not for the squeamish or feint hearted as inside the cave the floor is covered with bat guano (and it will smell as such) The cave floor is alive as beetles, cockroaches, centipedes and scorpions feed on dead swiftlets that fall from the nests above – some may say it is interesting, awful yet unique but definitely an unforgettable experience! Fortunately, a wooden walkway runs along the sides of the cave to keep visitors safely above the estimated 10 feet of guano deposited by millions of bats and resident little critters, and the tourists who come to admire them in their home, are kept safe and apart.”

Can’t wait. Anyone know who in Vancouver sells leech socks?


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