MAYAir, Oh My #mexico #cancun

Small cramped plane and mist pours out of the vents into the cabin. Still fast cheap-ish service.

Small, cramped plane with mist that pours out of the vents into the cabin.

Considering the amount I fly, you might be surprised to learn I’m a nervous flyer.

Years of flying sideways in news media-chartered small planes (so the camera operator can get good “viz”) has done that to me.

That’s why my first flight on MAYAir from Cancun to Cozumel in December 2012 scared the bejeezus out of me. I was already anxious from the aborted landing my Vancouver flight (a Westjet 737)  had made on our first attempt to land in Cancun. Due to “the runway not being clear”, according to the pilot.

Chased this with the MAYAir flight to Cozumel after dark, a few hours later. I was fine-ish until mist began pouring in to the cabin. Only I thought it was smoke from an engine fire.

The fact the other passengers were unperturbed sort of put me at ease and before long we were on the ground in Cozumel. And shortly after my white knuckles were clutching a margarita.

Since then, a calmer me has flown MAYAir several times between Cancun and Cozumel. I would recommend the airline to anyone wanting to make the puddle jump. It works for me because I can catch a direct flight to Cancun from Vancouver. The other option is flying United Airlines to Cozumel with a connection in Houston.

Tank’s Travels readers will know about my rocky relationship with United, the only airline that has brought me to tears.

The most economical return fare for the Cancun to Cozumel route is about $135.00 Canadian. There’s a 20 kg limit on luggage, which is less than the large airlines. I’ve never been asked to pay more. Be prepared to check your carry-on. There’s no overhead storage on the plane and limited space under the seat in front.

If you fly MAYAir from Cancun Airport, you’ll have to make your way to a different terminal. A free bus will get you there. Also, leave yourself a lot of time for check-in. The airline has a small staff.

MAYAir also flies to other parts of the Yucatan, including the very trendy Merida. I expect to fly the airline again later this year.

2 thoughts on “MAYAir, Oh My #mexico #cancun

  1. Can I book Mayair flights to Cozumel at the Cancun airport? It seems as though local/ peso pricing is alot cheaper then paying online with a US credit card.


    • I’ve always booked my ticket in advance, but you can book at the airport, as long as their are seats. They run 5 or 6 flights a day, at least. Also, they’re based in a different terminal on the airport grounds, but there’s a free shuttle between the two.

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