Eat, Scuba Dive, What’s Not to Love #bali


View from my hotel in Candidasa, East Bali. Gorgeous.

View from my hotel in Candidasa, East Bali. Gorgeous.

Bali wasn’t a place I dreamed of visiting. Not even on my radar. I’m not a reader of silly books or consumer of sappy movies, so I can’t even claim ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ inspired me to travel there.

With less than two months to go before a planned trip to Thailand in 2013, I was encouraged to detour to Bali after a scuba diver I met at the Browning Pass Hideaway, a 90 minute boat ride north of Port Hardy B.C., recommended it.

She told me Bali was an amazing place to dive. So I went. Pretty easy to do since everything is close-ish to everything else in Asia.

I found a terrific dive company, AquaMarine, which arranged for my dives, lunches on dive days, transfers to dive sites, airport (from-to) transportation and accommodation. All for about $1100 (CDN) for six days. The airfare on Air Asia was about $300 from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. The flight could have been cheaper, but I added meals, VIP arrival and departure airport packages and seat selection.

The hotel, the D’tunjung Resort in Candidasa, East Bali was spectacular. Breakfast was included. My room was a very comfortable cottage with an outdoor bathroom, with very high walls. I slept under my first ever mosquito net there! Excellent food too. Lovely staff.

I could merrily drone on, but no need. Have a look at the photo gallery. Paradise.

9 thoughts on “Eat, Scuba Dive, What’s Not to Love #bali

  1. Oh, been to Bali many times and always enjoy the island. I like the diving in Bali but for diving, I may Indonesia offers too many nice dive sites like in Komodo, North Sulawesi or Raja Ampat.. 🙂 Anyway, enjoy your dive, and don’t forget to look for harlequin shrimp!

    • Thanks for comment. Hoping to return in 2015 to visit some of the terrific dive sites you noted. A magical place.

  2. Never been to Bali but a colleague (also a diver) recently vacationed there too. He loved it. Now I’m really inspired to consider it.

    The photography opportunity is amazing!

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