Mexico starter trip – #puertovallarta

I visit Mexico several times a year. Last year, I spent time in Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cozumel. I’ve also been to Puerto Escondido and Playa del Carmen. I’m happy to spend my money in Mexico.

I’ve travelled in Mexico alone. I’ve never been threatened or feared for my safety. Yes, parts of Mexico are very dangerous. The northern states close to the U.S. border, where the drug cartels base their operations, should be avoided. Tourists who don’t heed advice and get themselves into trouble have only themselves to blame.

  Is Mexico Safe?

If you’d like to see a part of Mexico, but aren’t sure where to go, try Puerto Vallarta. All-inclusive vacations make it economical year round. It’s especially inexpensive during the late summer (August-September), when I often go.

Don’t be deterred if you’re reminded it’s rainy season in August and September. It’s cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon and cloudy again in the evening when it might also rain briefly. Thunderstorms tend to happen overnight. The ocean water is 86 degrees.

On my most recent visit in August 2013, I decided to forgo the all-inclusive in favour of a la carte.

  • I flew from Seattle with a connection through Houston. Cost about $575.00 Canadian. You can get comparably priced direct flights from Vancouver on Westjet. I flew from the U.S. on this particular trip because I had a discount voucher from United Airlines. Here’s why.
  • I stayed at the Rosita Hotel on the Malecon. Older. Basic. Clean. Right on the water. Breakfast (not that great) included. Waterfront rooms are $55.00 US to $65.00 a night.  I’ve also stayed, in the past, at the Holiday Inn and the Sheraton Buganvilias, which are all-inclusive hotels.
  • I didn’t take an airport cab. Instead, I walked over the foot bridge outside the airport and catch a cab on the other side of the road. A money saver. Airport cabs are much more expensive. I paid 110 pesos = $9 Canadian for a ride downtown. The return cost to the airport was 130 pesos, which I negotiated before getting into the cab,
  • I ride public transit whenever possible. Five and a half pesos per bus trip = 40 cents Canadian. Very cheap and an adventure.
  • There’s lots to do…as you can see in the pictures below.

View of old Puerto Vallarta from Banderas Bay


The downtown Puerto Vallarta Malecon


Happy hour


Sunset over Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta


Bridge to San Sebastian, a colonial town


San Sebastian, Mexico


Former residence at old silver mining site. Now a B and B


Secluded beach near Las Marietas Island, Banderas Bay


Las Merietas, Banderas Bay

2 thoughts on “Mexico starter trip – #puertovallarta

  1. This was awesome.

    I have sort of avoided Mexico for various different reasons… Mostly because I’m a bit pretentious and think that -everyone- goes to Mexico but also because of safety concerns and similarly priced, more exotic (in my crazy head) destinations in the Caribbean. The more I read about people’s experiences like the one above, the more I start to think that Mexico may be my next trip.

    I also love reading your blog because I learn so much about writing from it. Thanks for that!

  2. Thanks so much. Love your blog too. I’ve shown it to my current BCST 1144 Writing for the Media students as an example of what I expect from them. Mexico is great and a lot cheaper than Hawaii.

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