Designer shopping at airports – a bargain?


I’ve matured out of my need for designer stuff. Would rather spend money on travel.

Long gone are the days of the combination book-convenience store being the only place to buy stuff at the airport.

Nowadays, the gate areas are jam packed with designer stores and their oh so expensive goods.

I love Vuitton, Gucci and Burberry as much as the next gal.

During a recent trip to Asia, I had my eye on a fabulous lightweight suitcase from the Tumi store at Seoul’s Incheon Airport. But in the end, there was no way I could justify buying it there for the same price I could purchase it here in Vancouver.

There were NO savings to be had.

Who buys luggage at the airport anyway? With the carry on restrictions, it would have meant checking the thing and paying for an extra piece of luggage. INSANE.

Not such a great bargain…

You might want to check out the prices on desired products at home and online before you talk yourself into that duty free purchase at the airport that isn’t a bargain. And whatever you do, don’t go designer store shopping after spending time in the lounge!

Yes, some goods are cheaper. Depends on the product and the place. For instance, rum in Cuba is top quality and inexpensive. Another good purchase in Cuba is cigars. If you smoke them. Mexico has very good prices on tequila. (I know this because I bought some in Puerto Vallarta last week).

Do your homework. Happy shopping.

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