Anatomy of a scuba dive with NO fish


The ‘Cubano’ leading the dive.

So, I post a lot of fish pics on my Facebook page. But, not a lot of the actual diving experience. Divers are a lot less interesting!

This, Santa Rosa Wall, is one of my favourite dive sites in Cozumel, Mexico. We went in late afternoon, during the fish ‘shift-change’. That’s when the day fishes bed down for the night and the noctural ones come out. Only, we didn’t time it so well. There weren’t many day or night fishies there.

That’s why I decided to turn my attention to us, the divers, and captured some images of us entering into the ‘swim throughs’ and swimming along the wall.


Feliz Navidad from Mexico


Tank is spending Christmas Day scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico. Because what could be better than scuba diving in crystal clear, warm turquoise water far away from family. Then, having holiday dinner with new friends from the dive boat.

Grateful to be in a position to travel this time of year. Tank has no desire to participate in the chaos and silliness of the holiday season. Except maybe for Boxing Day sales at scuba stores.

Wishing you Merry Christmas (yes, I used the “C” word) and all the best in 2016.

This is paradise. Santa will never find me here!

 Krampus will never find me here.