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Like you, I wish it were the Puerto Vallarta bum crack guy. That was a memorable photo shoot, for sure. Or, the scuba diver who brought her stuffed animals on the dive boat in Cozumel.

Alas, it is this: My horror story with Zooom Electronics. A company that ripped me off. An Amazon.ca (amazon.com) merchant.

I hope the thousands of people who’ve read the posting have taken their business elsewhere.

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-8-32-42-pmThat’s right. THOUSANDS of hits since the posting appeared in December 2014.

Nearly 100 hits in 2014. 2600 hits in 2015. More than 4400 in 2016 and the year’s not up.

What’s even better? Where the posting sits on the Google search engine. Right below Zooom’s amazon website.


Why post this now? Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that’s why.

Zooom counts on positive reviews because it makes the majority of its money on Cyber Monday. This is what a Zooom guy told me when he was trying to fix their first screw up – selling me an advertised camera they didn’t actually have in stock.

There are some great Black Friday-Cyber Monday deals out there. My hope is that you’ll find your deals anywhere other than Zooom Electronics.

Need an alternative? Try London Drugs. Had a not-so-great experience there turned into a positive earlier this year. So much that I’ve returned to London Drugs several times since to buy more gear for my Olympus mirrorless camera and GoPro. London Drugs has an online store, just like the retailer who ripped me off.

Finally, a postscript on Canon’s involvement in the fiasco. Canon Canada came through with a new housing to replace the one that leaked.

We must punish bad behaviour and promote the good merchants.

I’m launching a new website called SOLTERRIFIC. The first post has the word prophylactic in it. A good start, methinks.


@Canon Canada: thanks for the tongue

Got some amazing photos of the Flamingo Tongue (snail) with me Canon G16 and housing.

Got some amazing photos of the Flamingo Tongue (snail) with me Canon G16 and housing.

This is probably my favourite kind of tongue.

Tank’s Travels readers will remember the hellish experience I had last December when my Canon camera housing leaked in Cozumel, Mexico.

Tank versus Canon USA, Canon Canada, Zooom Electronics.

The reason I bought a new camera and housing. Inability to get a good shot of a Flamingo Tongue.

The reason I bought a new camera and housing. Inability to get a good shot of a Flamingo Tongue.

Long story short, Canon Canada came through with a replacement housing.

The tongue that prompted the purchase of a new scuba camera.

I tried the new housing (WP-DC52) in Roatan, Honduras in March. First, took it for a test dive – without the camera inside – to ensure no water was getting in. It wasn’t.

Canon Canada replaced the defective housing.

Canon Canada replaced the defective housing.

Nearly wet my wet suit the next dive when I spotted the first of many Flamingo Tongues. There were many on this week long dive trip. I also saw a nurse shark, lots of turtles, eels, groupers, lobsters and crabs and got lots of pictures of them. But, I love tongues the most.

Now, I can look at the images any time I want.

Thank you Canon Canada. You should be pleased to know a lot of divers are using the G16 (and the G15) underwater.







Canon Canada’s outstanding customer service – mucho gracias

Canon Canada replaced by defective housing

Canon Canada replaced my defective housing

2014-12-11 18.33.51It’s here. A replacement underwater housing for my Canon G-16 camera. Thank you Canon Canada.

Dedicated (!) Tank’s Travels readers will know the housing leaked when I tested it underwater in Cozumel, Mexico in December. Luckily, the camera was’t inside. Unfortunately, I missed the chance to take pics of the numerous sharks and one pair of dolphins I saw. Seems all the cool fish come out when I’m without a camera!

Initially, neither Canon USA nor Canon Canada, nor the Amazon.ca merchant who sold it to me, ZOOOM, would agree to repair or replace the housing.

Canon Canada came through for me after I posted my complaint on their Facebook page. A customer service rep followed up quickly with an offer of help. I couriered the defective housing to Canon on a Wednesday. The replacement arrived six days later. That’s excellent customer service. Thank you Canon Canada.

Replacement shipped quickly.

Replacement shipped quickly.