Sleeping rough at San Francisco Airport @sfo

My sleeping quarters. Private-ish and very comfortable.

My sleeping quarters. Private-ish and very comfortable.

I like the U.S. a whole lot more when the Canadian dollar is on par or worth more than the USD.

It’s bloody expensive for Canadians to travel anywhere in the world where the USD is an accepted currency or where travel packages are priced based on the USD = central America.

That’s why I refused to buy a hotel room for an overnight layover in San Francisco (SFO). It’s an expensive hotel room city to begin with. Even before you figure in the exchange rate.

Got in from San Salvador at 1:00 a.m. Had to collect my luggage and leave the secured area. Only needed to bed down until the United Airlines Lounge opened at 5:00 a.m. Flight to Vancouver was scheduled for 10:30 a.m.

Turned out to not be the hellish experience I expected.

neighboursThanks to Angel, my Honduran cab driver, we found a store selling air mattresses while on route to the airport in Roatan. $9.00 USD. Once at SFO, all I had to do was find a safe-ish spot, blow it up and begin counting sheep. Found a tucked away place in a passenger waiting area where others were sleeping. Some folks were underneath the block of seats.

Got busy setting up my ‘room’:

  • Positioned a luggage cart and my suitcase to block easy access to me.
  • Set the  ‘brown noise’ on my IPad.
  • Earbuds in. Eye mask on.
  • Set the alarm for 4:30 am.
  • Head down at 2:02 a.m.
  • Slept like a baby until the alarm went off. Then, snoozed for another hour.

Saving money makes me smile.


Sleeping under the row of chairs is also an option.

Sleeping under the row of chairs is also an option.

The hardest part of sleeping rough was deflating the air mattress.

Then, it was off to re-check my luggage, brush my teeth and find a comfy spot in the United Airlines lounge, where some asshole called me (and others) peasants!! With six cappuccinos in my system by that point, he’s lucky I didn’t rip his throat out.

I love my little blue air mattress. It will travel with me again. We may have another sleeping rough ‘date’ at SFO in October. Yippee.


Gonna sue the #airport when your kid gets hurt?

Noisy, badly behaved and in danger of getting hurt. No parents in sight.

Noisy, badly behaved and in danger of getting hurt. No parents in sight.

The defenders/enablers of bratty kids can direct their outrage to the comments section of this blog.

I encountered these horrible children at a U.S. airport. Climbing all over the stairs. Impeding people from getting up and down, as well as busting some pretty dangerous moves on the railings.

Why did I care? Not keen to see blood and brain matter at the bottom of the stairs.

Where were dad and mom when all this was going on? Who the hell knows. Nowhere is sight. Definitely, NOT supervising their kids.

Still, I’m willing to bet mom and dad would be the first to SUE the airport if one of their little ‘darlings’ got hurt.

I get it. Kids have energy. Kids are noisy. But, kids don’t have to be a nuisance. That’s where good parenting comes in. There wasn’t any being practiced here IMHO.

I finally got these brats to move along by snapping their pictures. Took about six clicks of the camera and they vanished. “You’re welcome mom and dad,” for caring more about your kids’ safety than you.

The racist t-shirt guy – Texas-style


Had to blur the words. I’m a nice Canadian girl.


Terrible things to say.


Congratulations Texas, you’ve made Tank’s Travels once again.

This resident of yours, who affectionately refers to himself as ‘the weird, racist shirt guy’, approached me at Houston Airport for a quick chat before boarding his flight to Baltimore for some kind of military reunion. He appears to not like his president much.

I’m weak. Although highly offended by both the front and back of his t-shirt, (I think Obama has been a great president), I had to let him engage me in a discussion. Find out WTF compels someone to advertise such outrageous views. And, gleefully pose for photos.

This is what I learned. He wears his intolerance and hatred like a badge of honour. Brags the shirt has gotten him kicked out of:

  • The Library of Congress.
  • Two Houston Astros baseball games.
  • Two Kansas City Royals baseball games.

Here’s how our chat went:

Tank: What did they say when they kicked you out of those places? Him: “They said the shirt is inflammatory.”  (The least inflammatory word on his shirt is ‘liar’.)

Tank: Why do you wear the shirt? Him: “I like stirring it up.”

Tank: Aren’t you afraid someone is going to shoot you? Him: “No, I have a sign on my vehicle that reads ‘the police are coming’. I’ve had guys try to run me off the road.”

Tank: Will the airline let you on the plane wearing that? Him: “Some US Airways guy in Raleigh, North Carolina tried to refuse me once. I went to his supervisor who allowed me onto the plane. I found the other guy and cussed him out.”

Tank: Has Obama done anything right? Him: “I can’t think of anything.”

I’ll spare you the details of the not nice things he said about African Americans and the blond woman whom he called a ‘whore’ for verbalizing her objection to his being.

Tells me he plans to walk past the White House next week. Wearing the shirt. I see a FOX TV interview in his future. Maybe his own show.