Toxic traveller seethes and hates

rickySo, here I was thinking my brother was going to be named “Boorish Traveller of 2017.”

Then I had the misfortune of meeting rude Ricky. A tense, brooding 50-something jerk from a North American city. Ricky had a special talent for turning toxic any environment he inhabited. From breakfast buffet to tourist excursion, Ricky scowled and, unsolicited, offered his expert, superior knowledge of everything. When he wasn’t criticizing all and sundry, that is.

He complained loudly and angrily about being victimized by lowly travel operators who failed to live up to his expectations (he demanded and got his money back).

He expressed loathing of mostly everything, including his hometown, (so why not leave Ricky?).

He failed to leave tips when it was the norm to do so.

Ricky hated everything and appreciated nothing. One of the most repulsive characters I’ve ever met.

One wonders what kind of an environment spawns a Ricky. He reminded me a lot of a horrid couple I met on a dive boat in Palau. Perhaps he’s their spawn.