Tanks Travels gets a sibling blog: Tank Submerged

logo2Announcing the arrival of tanksubmerged.com. A sibling for tankstravels.com. Think of it as Tanks Travels with its mouth washed out with soap.

Why? Why not? Here’s a Q&A (open-ended questions, of course) that should explain everything:

Q: WTF Tank. What’s this all about?

A: It was time to grow the brand (not really!). Actually, Tanks Travels, while brilliantly written, is on wordpress.com, a content management tool for starter blogs. Tank Submerged is on a self-hosted wordpress.org website. It will allow me access to more cool stuff called plug-ins and to include more things on the website. And, if I ever decide to sell coffee mugs, fridge magnets or t-shirts, I can add a commerce page very easily.

Q: You’ve never struck me as being all that bright? Who built the Tank Submerged website for you?

A: You’re right, I am a dull elf. But, I built it myself. This should give everyone else in the world hope they can do the same. I watched videos on Lynda.com, plus I had help from Serverpress.com, Angiemakes.com and Canhost.ca. I also have a wee bit of experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and that helped too. Still, I’m hopeless at resizing images. Luckily, there’s a plug-in for that.

Q: I still don’t understand, what’s the different between Tanks Travels and Tank Submerged?

A: Less vulgarity, for one. No images of bum cracks or large guys wearing tiny Speedos will be posted on Tank Submerged. No talk of booze pigs, barbarians and boors. Or crabs in hotel toilets. The ‘eff’ word will appear less often on Tank Submerged — at least that’s the goal. It will also be a place to post my scuba images and videos. Tank Submerged also has an Instagram presence.

Q: Fuck Tank, I really like buttocks and barbarians. What will happen to that content?

A: Nothing, I’ll continue to generate brilliant copy about these important issues because someone has to write about the rude travellers of the world and their body parts. This content will be posted, as always, on Tanks Travels.

Q: So, how do I find Tank Submerged?

A: On the interweb at  tanksubmerged.com. I’ve created a Tank Submerged Facebook page, which you can like.

Q: I’ve taken a look at Tank Submerged and I think the best part is the illustration. Who did that?

A: A brilliant young designer named Louis Pinder. He lives in Northern England and his mum is a friend of my cousin. He’s excellent, despite having ties to my family! You can find out more about him here. Please hire him. His mum wants him to start paying room and board.

Q: Christ, what’s up with the all pink?

A: I know. I’m not a girlie girl. Never have been. But, I quite like the pink. Aging brain? Declining eyesight? Can’t explain it.

So, there you are. Delighted to welcome the newest member of the Tank family of blogs.



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