Remember Andres & Black Tower?


Remember when B.C. wine sucked? When you joked about how spectacularly awful it was? When you gagged on Baby Duck, but bought it anyway because you couldn’t afford champagne? When Black Tower and Schloss Laderheim were the go to ‘party’ wines?

Who’d have thunk B.C. wine would become so awesome? In my lifetime.

Just back from a few days in Osoyoos-Oliver. Mission to bring home a couple of cases of wine accomplished. Only my budget prevented a larger haul.

I’m no lush, really, but could drink wine from this region exclusively.

My faves wineries are: Desert Hills, Gehringer Brothers, Burrowing Owl and Tinhorn Creek. Mostly dry whites, but the odd Pinot Noir and Gamay.

Also, a good place to play with my new camera, an Olympus mirrorless micro 4/3, I bought for my Galapagos trip in December.

I now have a presence on 500px, where I’m posting some of my better pics, above and below ground. Might even try to sell a few.

Meantime, I’ve got good wine to sip. Planning a return trip to wine country, maybe later this summer.


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