Horrid travellers – worst of 2016 so far


What a friggin’ nightmare. People so horrible they ratcheted up the tension on the dive boat, poisoning the otherwise joyful atmosphere. Rude to all and sundry.

I’ve seen my share of truly awful travellers. You’ve read about some of them here. The woman in this photo and her rotten husband reminded me that some people aren’t fit to be out and about in the world.

She’s scowling because her husband has been sent back to their hotel room at their fabulously expensive resort to retrieve their tourist permits. Which the dive shop has repeatedly told divers to carry at all times while on the water. Which means we have to wait for him and he’s moving at a slug’s pace. What an asshole.

How surly they were when the crew asked them to fetch the permits.

The next day the woman hollered at me to get up the boat’s ladder faster. I’d been told by the divemaster to not climb the ladder, to wait. I enjoyed conveying that back to her in my bitchiest tone to the power of ten. Never heard a word from her after that.

They complained about the dive sites to which we were taken. Seems they had been on a liveaboard in the area and had done some of the dives previously. Too bad. Don’t do day-trip diving if you’ve already covered the area on a liveaboard.

I was delighted when they announced their last day on the dive boat. My last image of them was arguing with the dive shop staff, demanding a discount because they’d completed roughly 35 dives with the company and, according to them, no one else had done that many dives.

The world can be an ugly place. More contestants for Tank’s Travels Barbarian Traveller of the Year Award.

What a contrast to a wonderful Swiss couple I spent a day travelling with – who loved every site we visited and couldn’t have been more gracious.


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