Thieving employees: do #airports care?


Are you kidding me? How about catching the thieves?

Airports know they’ve got thieves in their midsts. The airlines know it too.

Ya think they’re doing much about it? Methinks no.

Look at the photo. The City of Phoenix warning airline passengers about the possibility of being robbed following the NCAA College Football championships in January.


If the chance of theft warrants signs, maybe the airport and airlines need to investigate who’s doing the thieving?  Staff who steal may be doing other bad stuff. (Google what some naughty customs officers get up to on the US-Mexico border.)

[Big thanks to G, a fabulous and talented fellow I worked with at CBC News back in the day, for emailing me this info. G travels a lot for sports telecasts and spends a lot of time in airports.]

I hate checking luggage, but it’s necessary because I carry scuba gear. I’ve had nothing stolen, but I’ve received notices that tell me the TSA has opened my bags. Seems to happen whenever I fly through the United States.

Let’s hope my luck for remaining theft-free continues….and this posting doesn’t bring about a cavity search next time I visit an airport.

Flying is horrid enough without having to worry whether your suitcase is going to arrive empty. Airports have got to stop ignoring thefts.


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