Divemaster trainee bad behaviour

Divemaster trainees and their divemaster buddy taking underwater selfies. Shameful.

Divemaster trainees and their divemaster buddy taking underwater selfies. Shameful.

I know. Divemaster trainees are paying customers too. Paying to be certified as professional, safety-oriented, reliable and competent diving guides.

I hope to NEVER encounter these clowns in the future working in a dive shop I’m patronizing.

Trainees had their fun and endangered the live of other divers.

Trainees had their fun while endangering the lives of other divers.

I’d travelled thousands of miles and several days to get to this dive resort. Planned the trip two years prior. And this is what I get. Not on every dive, but on a few.

The divemaster, who I was paying to guide me and others, goofing off underwater with his divemaster trainee buddies. Take selfies, doing handstands, blowing rings.

Let’s be clear. The trainees were NOT undergoing training on these particular dives – just adding dives to their logbook and gaining ‘experience’.

There was a strong current on the particular dive where I took these photos. Which is taxing. Which makes you breathe hard and use up your air more quickly. While our divemaster played with his friends, I struggled to NOT be carried off by the current.

In my opinion, these guys behaved in a way that endangered the rest of us. They distracted the divemaster by engaging him in their fun and games.

More divemaster trainee antics.

More divemaster trainee antics.

I hope to return to this wonderful dive location someday. But, likely won’t be diving with this company.

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