@Doubletree hotel in Dallas RIPPED ME OFF (upd)


Shocked to see these two charges on my credit statement. The lesser one was reversed (a deposit connected to my Hotel Tonight booking).  The other is for movies  I DIDN’T watch. They think I’m lying.

So, when a former customer calls you long distance – on their dime – to question a credit card charge, why do you tell them to piss off? Suggest the person is lying?

That’s what happened to me at the Doubletree Hotel in Irving, Texas, near DFW airport.

According to the accounting guy, I watched two movies. A charge of $50 CDN on my credit card.

This is crap.

I didn’t even turn on the TV during my two day stay. Why? There was no remote in the room. Couldn’t turn the bloody TV on. I’ve NEVER watched a movie in a hotel and haven’t a clue how to order one.

Nope, says accounting guy. “I checked our equipment and the movies were watched in that room.” = basically, he’s saying, “lady, you’re a liar.”

Two movies I’ve never heard of, “The Visit” and “Straight out of Compton?”. Porn maybe? I’ve no idea.

I’ve better things to do than make up lies about movies and then call hotels in an effort to have them reverse the charge.

Their system to record which movies have been purchased is flawed. They won’t accept this. Nor should you. Avoid Doubletree by Hilton at all costs.

I’ve left a message for the hotel’s general manager. No response.

Here’s how good customer relations works: when someone calls you from another country on their dime and their time to tell you she didn’t watch movies during their stay, you reverse the charge on her credit card. You believe her.

The big lie on Trip Advisor (update – January 13)

I wrote a scathing review on Trip Advisor. The hotel responded with a lie. The hotel has NOT addressed my issue. There have been emails and Facebook messages regarding the need to address the issue, but no action has been taken on their part. The hotel has had my phone number since last week, when I left it with both the accounting department and the general manager. Plus, I responded to an email from the operations director, letting him know when I would be available to speak by phone. ZERO response. I note the management response was composed on January 11.

Addressed? In what way?

Update #2 (January 14)

The operations manager just called from Texas, after I emailed again this morning. Apologized. Admits there was a problem with the movie system, whereby movies were charged to the wrong room. Apparently, there were issues in other rooms as well. Repairs are being done and they’re sorry. The charges will be reversed.

Still out long distance phone charges. Plus, they wasted my time. Should have reversed at least one night’s stay at the hotel.

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