There’s a crab in the #hotel toilet

Always a good idea to have a look in the bowel before you go.

Always a good idea to have a look in the bowl before you go.


Not my toilet. Rather a friend’s. At a beach resort in Cuba.

My friend found it when he awoke to use the bathroom one morning. Didn’t notice it until after the business was done. Seems the crab wouldn’t flush. crab2

No matter how many times he tried to evict it, the crab stayed put.

I heard the story when I found my friend scurrying to the front desk to report the intruder.

Not so fast.

Seeing this as a great Tank’s Travels posting, I ordered him back to the hotel room for a photo shoot.

Aren’t you glad I did?

We have no idea how the crab/cangrejo got there. We think it crab-walked up through the toilet pipe. How long it had been living in the pipe is anyone’s guess.

Hotel staff had removed the crab by the time we returned to the room later in the day. Maybe flushed. Maybe moved by hand. Gloved hand, I hope.

I won’t be using a hotel bathroom in the dark ever again.

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