A plug for $25 underwear, Texas-style


Worth every penny

So, here I am. Stuck in Dallas for two nights at MY expense. Tornados caused my flight to Vancouver to be cancelled. (Pretty sure Obama is to blame!)

There was a time when I would have gone thermo-nuclear on airline staff. And, believe me, American Airlines has made the experience unpleasant. Employees, as pleasant as they are, have no information or different information or the wrong information.

I’ve stood in lines for hours. Talked to a bunch of employees. My luggage is no where to be found. Baggage handlers will NOT retrieve it here in Dallas, I’ve been told.

Apparently, I’ll be reunited with it in Vancouver sometime in the future. Not sure I believe the airline, but what can I do?

Thing is, I’m not going apeshit.

That’s because I’m wearing my awesome Exofficio travel underwear. Bloody expensive in Canadian dollars, but quick drying. Wash it, roll it up in a towel and dry with a hair dryer. Good to go for another day of lost luggage-hunting in Texas.

I proclaimed my undying love for this underwear in an earlier posting.

The love affair continues.

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