Idiot #scuba divers with #GoPros on a stick

I wish for the quick extinction of this noxious underwater species – the scuba diver with a GoPro on a stick.

The owner of this GoPro is a jerk.

The owner of this GoPro is a jerk.

They’re a scourge. As bad as lionfish in non-native waters. Or manspreading on a packed dive boat.

Here’s the problem. Many, but not all, GoPro divers I’ve encountered have NO manners. (And don’t bother defending these clowns in the comments section. I’ve never seen an underwater photographer with a honking big still camera behave this way.)

There’s a etiquette around scuba divers with cameras. Everyone takes her/his turn, one by one, being careful to not scare the subject so that it swims off, not kick up silt and not to hog the subject preventing others from getting their shot before the divemaster and group move on.

What I’m seeing from some GoPro on a stick divers is despicable. No consideration for etiquette or respect for other photographers in the group.


When the divemaster signals a subject worthy of a photograph, all the GoPros on a stick go charging in. Jockeying for position while unable to hold their buoyancy. Kicking up silt. Bumping into all and sundry. Ensuring no one gets a decent image.


Thanks a bunch.

Perhaps time for dive shops to make an etiquette pep talk part of their dive briefing.

4 thoughts on “Idiot #scuba divers with #GoPros on a stick

  1. Lol. A lil harsh isnt it tank? Especially when u link go pro on stick users to no boyancy control divers…(yeahhh i got a go pro on a stick, feelings hurt ;))

    • This is what I’ve observed in nearly 350 dives. I posted this several months ago in the hope GoPro-ers would read it and ask themselves, “am I like that?” The scuba industry suffers when divers have horrible experiences due to the bad behaviour of others.

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