The #GoPro is now sea lion food

Sea lions are curious and bitey.

Lunch?!!! Sea lions are curious and bitey.

Here’s the thing.

If you shove your GoPro selfie stick thingy or your camera in a sea lion’s face, it’s probably going to get chewed. You deserve to have your toy broken for being such a dick.

Diving with sea lions at Los Islotes Island, near La Paz, was a treat. So was watching these frisky ‘puppies’ dive bomb people’s electronics. The babies buzzed around so quickly it was hard to get a decent picture. The teens liked biting scuba fins and hair. Some were happy to be touched, clearly accustomed to human contact. Still, you needed to be careful of the teeth.

I don’t think wild animals should be touched. So, I didn’t feel comfortable handling the sea lions.  I stayed back and took photos.

The great thing about Los Islotes is that snorkelers can have just as much fun with the sea lions as divers. Many non-divers joined us in the water.

Lots of companies in La Paz offer excursions. If you’re planning a trip to Cabo, you really should do an overnight in La Paz so you can have this marvellous experience. Better than drinking your face off in Sammy Hagar’s saloon.

Ecobajatours, which I used, offers comfortable shuttles (with wifi) between the Cabos and La Paz, with a quick stop in Todos Santos, the home of the Hotel California. Yes, the one in the Eagles song. Trip takes about three hours.

Here are some of the decent photos I got over several days of sea lion dives.

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