Barbarian #travellers: #manspreading – #burping

This could be the winner.

This could be the winner.

We have more contestants for the Tank’s Travels 2015 Barbarian Traveller of the Year award.


Men of the world still seem unable to comprehend that manspreading is impolite.

I really wanted to punch the guy in the photo. He was a complete dick on many levels during the couple of days I dove with him.

The scuba dive boat was packed. People were squished together (his girlfriend included) and this jerk has his legs wide open.

Are people really so oblivious to good manners?


Just to prove I’m not always attacking men, although they seem to lead the sexes in misbehaviour, I present the burping woman.

Encountered her in an airport in Kuala Lumpur. She let out a loud burp just as I walked past. Not aimed at me, I’m sure. But who lets one rip in a crowded airport?

A Malaysian apparently. In Malaysian culture, loud burping is quite acceptable.

As I hadn’t thought to google ‘burping malaysia’ before leaving on the trip, my reaction was western culture-centred.

Burping is rude. Unless it's a home with family members present!

Tank wishes this women a lifetime of good digestion.

I’m rarely at a loss for words. The only word my mouth could form, as I glared at her, was “REALLY?”

In response, she glared back at me in disbelief – seemingly surprised at my reaction.

Tank loves teachable travel moments and this is one of them. When visiting Malaysia, you should feel free to burp as loudly as you wish and as often.

So, only he gets added to the candidates list for Tank’s Travels Barbarian of the Year.

Other contestants present and past:



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