#Vacation in #Tadjikistan anyone?

Guy in photo

This guy needs a vacation. To a place with cheap beer. Syria? Congo DC?

He may look creepy and menacing under all the Photoshop filtering. But, this is a smart guy. With a great tip on finding an inexpensive place in the world to travel.

Based on the price of a bottle of beer.

Pint Price  (Find out the price of beer before you travel)

According to guy in photo, (pintprice.com, actually) you can determine if a city will be cheap or expensive to visit based on the price of a lager.

I cannot tell you the price of a bottle of beer in Canada. “$8.00?”, I guessed. “WRONG”, guy in photo said, snickering at my ignorance. WTF do I know about beer? Last (and first) sip of beer I had was in the late 1960s in Montreal.

In case you’re wondering, a bottle of beer in Canada costs $4.56, according to Pint Price.

Here’s what you need to know. Beer is pretty cheap in Tadjikistan (.45 CDN), Congo DR (.67 CDN) and in Burkina Faso (.79 CDN). Countries that end with ‘stan’ seem to have among the cheapest beer. It’s .73 CDN in Kazakhstan.

But, in Turkmenistan a bottle of beer will cost you the equivalent of $4.09 CDN. You’ll pay quite a bit less in tourist-friendly (!) Afghanistan where a bottle of beer is $1.74 CDN.

If you’ve got money to burn on beer, head to Greenland. There, you’ll pay $11.00 CDN for a bottle of lager. Iceland seems a bargain at $5.36 CDN. And over in Vatican City – who knew those Catholic dudes were guzzling beer at a cost of $5.86 CDN per bottle?

If you like a bit of danger with your cheap-ish bottle of lager, I recommend a trip to the world’s most dangerous country at the moment. In Syria, you’ll pay $1.58 CDN a bottle.

Even though I don’t drink beer and never will, here’s what a bottle will cost in the destinations I’ll soon visit:

  • Malaysia:  $4.73
  • La Paz, Mexico: $1.87
  • Cozumel, Mexico: $1.87
  • Palau: no listing – maybe there’s no beer there.

Bottoms up my friends. Where ever you decide to park your bottom on vacation.

Currency conversions: $1.24 CDN = $1 USD;    $1.90 CDN = $1 GBP;    $1.37 CDN = $1 EUR

(Sorry, my Canadian keyboard doesn’t make the pound or euro symbols. Or, I’m too dumb to find them.)

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