#Sober house: Tank travels with friends

They were warned!!!

May not look like it but everyone is sober!!

I warned them, my six buddies from high school and early adulthood.

“You might become fodder for Tank’s Travels.”

Our trip was to beautiful Osoyoos, British Columbia. The purpose to reconnect after too many years of busy schedules.

(Also to celebrate a birthday and return the birthday girl’s high school annual that ended up in my possession for 35 years after a falling out over who-the-hell-can-remember.)

We booked this trip five months ago. When no one could refuse citing ‘other plans’.

We stayed at the wonderful Spirit Ridge Vineyard Resort – in a gorgeous suite co-owned by one of the friends.

The sleeping arrangements reminded me of the trip seven of us took to Hawaii in 1985, when we ….. oh, never mind.

What didn’t happen on the girl’s weekend was the crazy stuff that used to happen back in the day when we were better able to ‘not handle our liquor’.  The weekend was akin to a teetotallers convention or pretty close to it –  one glass of wine – two at the most – is all we could achieve. Unthinkable behaviour 30 years ago.

Topics of discussion ranged from staying fit to retirement planning and our upcoming high school reunion. Other stuff was talked about – not going to disclose for fear of getting booted from the group.

We visited five fantastic wineries, bought quality BC wine and reminisced about the disgusting stuff (IMHO) we used to drink: Black Tower, Baby Duck, Schloss Laderheim. Stomach churns just writing the brand names.

What a treat to not be hungover. You, my friends, are “like the wind.” We should have done this years ago.

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