#Pilot on the potty? What’s up with that?

Never seen a cart block potty access before.

Never seen a cart block potty access before.

What the ‘you-know-what’ is this?

A food and bevvie cart blocking my access to the potty.

A first and I travel on planes often.

Clearly meant to prevent passengers from taking care of their business.

It wasn’t there for long. Five minutes max.

What I don’t get is why?

Pilot on the potty? Why block the galley? I’ve seen pilots leave the cockpit and hit the can without the flight crew needing to ‘park’ interference.

I know. First world problem. Besides, I can probably hold it for a few more minutes.

Here’s the thing. Airlines have made flying (the ‘friendly skies’) so spectacularly horrid that they’d better deliver value and good service when I’ve paid for an upgrade. An upgrade that includes a bathroom that’s restricted to passengers in that particular cabin. An upgrade that’s the only way nowadays to enjoy a modicum of comfort on an airplane.

No, I’m not going to line up at the back of the plane for the other toilets. I paid for a premium potty experience, something I cannot afford to do very often. Get that cart out of the way.

One guess as to which airline did this.

Get that thing out of my way.

Get that thing out of my way.

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