No glamour in this flight attendant’s job

United Express 1410

A plane better suited to transporting toddlers, not adults.

When Tank was a wee girl, she wanted to be a stewardess. That’s what they called flight attendants back in the day. It promised glamour and travel to exotic destinations. Later on in life, Tank opted for another supposedly glamourous job in journalism. Both were illusions.

Since leaving journalism, I travel on a fairly regular basis. Recently, I witnessed what I think are the worst possible working conditions for a flight attendant, or in this case, two flight attendants.

It was aboard Skywest Airlines, doing business as United Express. Denver, Colorado to Vancouver. A Canadair Regional Jet. Think of it as a toothpaste tube with wings. A toothpaste tube being squeezed for three hours.

I was lucky. I’d upgraded to a slightly more comfortable seat in business class. It was from this vantage point I witnessed the flight attendants in the cramped galley.

What hell it must of been for them. The least comfortable workplace in aviation history.

The worst workplace in aviation history?

The worst workplace in aviation history?

Room enough for only one flight attendant to stand and one to sit.

The seated person forced to move if a pilot or passenger asked to use the toilet.

Yet, they were pleasant and jumped to attention every time a passenger hit the call button.

There was nothing remotely glamourous about the job, and still they did it well.

I wish this pair a future of spacious galleys with ample seating on bigger airplanes.

I hope their employer appreciates them.


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