#Scuba #diving with #pandas revisited


Hard to believe it has been a year since I ‘dove with pandas’.

We had a few good laughs on our scuba dive boat in Cozumel recently, reminiscing about the nutcase diver we all had met one year earlier.

The diver, truly awful in her technique and spectacularly clueless, raised eyebrows when she insisted on bringing her two stuffed panda bears on the dive boat.

The topic of our discussion was crazy things we’d witnessed in scuba diving.

Theo from Austin, Texas told the story of a woman who sucked her air tank dry because “she had paid for it and wanted to get every penny’s worth. And besides, if she got into trouble she’d just suck air from another diver’s tank”. (Divers are supposed to surface with about 15 percent of their air left.)

She also deliberately spun a turtle, and, on her way home, shouted to her friends about a bomb in her luggage while in the airport. A candidate for locking up or the morgue, for sure!

Still, nothing, we all agreed, topped Panda Lady as supplying the craziest diving experience EVER.

You’ll find her story in the linked posts:

Matteo and the pandas' mom.

Matteo, the divemaster, and Panda Lady.

As a former news reporter, I love a good spectacle. A part of me hoped the Panda Lady would reppear this year, stuffed bears in tow, for another few dives.

That would have been hilarious.


Comforting her Panda inside the bag?






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