How to kill your #dog at the #airport

The dog owner, clutching her wounded little dog, in tears.

The dog owner in tears, clutching her wounded little dog.

This was painful to watch and hear. A poor little dog crying, it’s tiny paw caught in the moving walkway at Houston’s Bush International Airport in Texas. Not what you want to witness on Christmas Day, or any day.

Its yelping echoed through the airport terminal. Its owner screamed.

A horrible spectacle. Poor little dog.

A horrible spectacle. Poor little dog.

People immediately ran from all directions to turn the walkway off and help remove the trapped paw. The dog crying out in pain the entire time.

The owner, crumpled on the walkway, sobbing and clutching her wounded dog, seemed to be in shock. The dog whimpered whenever she moved the animal to assess the damage to its paw.

The discussion was centred around whether to catch her flight or leave the airport to seek help for the dog.

She elected to find the nearest veterinarian.

Considering options. Fly or seek help for the dog.

Considering options. Fly or seek help for the dog.

Why she was walking the dog on the moving walkway is a mystery. Those things are bloody dangerous. I feel a wobbly getting on and off.

The dog should have been in its carrying case. Learn from this woman’s mistake. Don’t kill your dog at the airport.

Woman and dog leave to find a veterinarian.

Woman and dog leave to find a veterinarian.


5 thoughts on “How to kill your #dog at the #airport

  1. This happens a lot more often than you think. I should know, it happened to me not so long ago. My small dogs foot was caught in a moving walkway between the airport and passenger pick up. Anyone that knows me knows I love my dog more than anything and would never intentionally do anything to hurt him. EVER!
    And while I agree, it was a stupid decision that I will forever regret, it simply wasn’t something I ever thought could happen. I wasn’t aware of the potential danger these pose to small children and pets. I have seen many dogs on these moving walkways over the last few years without incident. It never crossed my mind that I was putting him in harms way. As I’m sure this woman didn’t either.
    My heart literally breaks seeing these photos. I can relate to her pain and shock and the devastating realization that you have unintentionally hurt your best friend. And believe me, it’s a scenario that re-runs through your head for months. Years even. I would give anything to take back that split second lack of judgment.
    While my dog was lucky enough to only suffer a superficial cut to his toe, I quickly realized how fortunate he was.
    Upon arrival to the vet hospital I obviously felt like I was the only person that had ever been dumb enough to let this happen, I was informed that it happens on a weekly basis, If not daily. I spoke to 3 different vet hospitals close to they airport and they all said the same thing. However in most cases the dogs come in with all 4 toes cut clean off.
    I want to make it my mission to have airports put up the proper signage if front of these things to avoid such disasters. I know that I should have been smarter, or researched the potential harm they can cause, but a simple
    Sign could avoid situations like this daily. I know if I had seen one I certainly would have chosen to carry him.
    Wherever this girl is I hope she reads this and knows that she’s not alone. I cried just reading this and reliving my own experience. I know from this day forward I will stop anyone I see about to do the same thing. I hope everyone that reads this will do the same…..

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I’ll never forget the piercing sound of the poor little dog crying out in pain. It was a horrible thing to see. You’re right, we’re not always aware of dangers to ourselves or our pets. The woman made the right decision, I think, I leave the airport and seek help for her dog. I hope it turned out well for both of them.

      • She absolutely did. Luckily I was right outside of passenger pick up so my ride was waiting right there for me once we were able to free him and rushed us straight to the emergency hospital.
        My heart breaks for this girl that she was seemingly alone and left to deal with the situation by herself. It’s wonderful that so many people rushed to her aid but I know the kind of shock that I was in and I am so grateful that I was traveling with my boyfriend that day and thanks to his quick actions my dog escaped with injuries far less severe than if I had been on my own. I really think this issue needs to be brought to light at every major airport so that situations like this can be avoided. I was told by the director of aviation that there are announcements throughout the airport over the intercom stating that these can be a danger but anyone who has traveled through an international airport knows how difficult it is to hear such announcements. I travel constantly for work and can honestly say I have never heard one. All it would take is a simple sign in front of each one. Especially the ones outside where there are no intercoms. I hope that there was a good outcome in all of this… I know I learned my lesson and I’m sure she did to. Sending her and her pup much love wherever they are;)

      • And believe me when I say it’s a sound you won’t soon forget:( and one I hope I never have to hear again. From my dog or any other

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