Adios #Cozumel y gracias for all the #fish


Big hug for my dive gear. We had fun and saw a lot of fish.

Big hug for my dive gear. We had fun and saw a lot of fish.

I look forward to this trip all year. My annual scuba diving vacation to Cozumel, Mexico. This is my third year coming to the island.

Problem is, my time here is always over so fast.

This time I had a problem with my camera, so I couldn’t take pictures. I used the time to work on my buoyancy and become a better diver. I think I succeeded.

I did 28 dives. All but two in Cozumel. Took the ferry to Playa Del Carmen one day to dive two cenotes.

This was the year of the nurse shark. Saw nearly a dozen. They’re capable of attacking, but general don’t. I got about 2 feet away from one that was resting under a ledge.

Another highlight was seeing two bottlenose dolphins playing underwater. They were gone in a flash, but I’ve talked to divers who’ve been coming here for years and have never seen a dolphin underwater.

Finally, two other ‘firsts’ were seeing three spotted eagle rays swimming in formation, and a grouper and green moray eel ‘hunt’ together. Here’s a short video of this dynamic duo.

This trip offered so much to see, even the turtles and stingrays were starting to seem a bit boring.

My camera problem will be soon solved. I’m buying a better quality housing for it (Canon G16) from a Vancouver-based company. I’m also planning to get a Go-Pro that will sit in the housing’s cold shoe. All bases covered. I’ll never be without the ability to shoot images/video again.

This year, I’ve dived on the north and south coasts of Cuba, Roatan, Honduras (where I made friends with a Nassau Grouper), Puerto Vallarta (where I saw a whale shark) and Cozumel. I’ve logged 248 dives in three and a half years.

Next year, I’ll make return trips to Roatan and Cozumel and visit the Sabah area of Malaysia for the first time to dive Sipadan Island. I’m also continuing to study Spanish with the goal of becoming fluent.

I’m extremely fortunate to be able to take these trips. I’m grateful to have two excellent employers. It’s back to reality (=Vancouver) on Christmas Day and running off the extra pounds so I can fit into my wetsuit next year.

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