The racist t-shirt guy – Texas-style


Had to blur the words. I’m a nice Canadian girl.


Terrible things to say.


Congratulations Texas, you’ve made Tank’s Travels once again.

This resident of yours, who affectionately refers to himself as ‘the weird, racist shirt guy’, approached me at Houston Airport for a quick chat before boarding his flight to Baltimore for some kind of military reunion. He appears to not like his president much.

I’m weak. Although highly offended by both the front and back of his t-shirt, (I think Obama has been a great president), I had to let him engage me in a discussion. Find out WTF compels someone to advertise such outrageous views. And, gleefully pose for photos.

This is what I learned. He wears his intolerance and hatred like a badge of honour. Brags the shirt has gotten him kicked out of:

  • The Library of Congress.
  • Two Houston Astros baseball games.
  • Two Kansas City Royals baseball games.

Here’s how our chat went:

Tank: What did they say when they kicked you out of those places? Him: “They said the shirt is inflammatory.”  (The least inflammatory word on his shirt is ‘liar’.)

Tank: Why do you wear the shirt? Him: “I like stirring it up.”

Tank: Aren’t you afraid someone is going to shoot you? Him: “No, I have a sign on my vehicle that reads ‘the police are coming’. I’ve had guys try to run me off the road.”

Tank: Will the airline let you on the plane wearing that? Him: “Some US Airways guy in Raleigh, North Carolina tried to refuse me once. I went to his supervisor who allowed me onto the plane. I found the other guy and cussed him out.”

Tank: Has Obama done anything right? Him: “I can’t think of anything.”

I’ll spare you the details of the not nice things he said about African Americans and the blond woman whom he called a ‘whore’ for verbalizing her objection to his being.

Tells me he plans to walk past the White House next week. Wearing the shirt. I see a FOX TV interview in his future. Maybe his own show.

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