A snail made me buy a new #scuba #camera

Yup, it's blurry. Getting a clean shot of this was my biggest frustration.

Yup, it’s blurry. Getting a clear shot of this was a huge frustration.

Always knew I’d be upgrading my inexpensive, trusty, starter scuba camera. It has served me well, capturing hundreds of quality images I’ve shared with friends on social media.

SeaLife Mini II – no longer made

The SeaLife cost me about $250 CDN. It’s still in great condition and has many more scuba dives in its future.

But it’s time for a hiatus. Why? Because the SeaLife failed to capture the Flamingo Tongue Snail in the blurry image here.

I tried dozens of times during many diving days in Honduras in August to get a clear shot. Didn’t happen.

So, on the advice of Roatan divemaster, author and photographer extraordinaire Mickey Charteris I purchased new gear, a Canon camera and waterproof (I hope) underwater housing.

Canon Powershot G16

I won’t get to take the camera for an underwater test drive until December, when I do my annual drift diving trip to Cozumel, Mexico. Fingers crossed I don’t flood it first time out. I’ll keep you posted.


This is what the Flamingo Tongue snail really looks like.

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