What up @United Airlines? More good experiences

United appears to be cleaning up its act. At least where I'm concerned.

United appears to be cleaning up its act. At least where I’m concerned.

In a recent Facebook post to me, a friend – who’d been screwed by US Airways/American a few days earlier – wrote that any flight that isn’t lost at sea, shot down or lands you on CNN in connection with an in-flight brawl over seat reclining should be regarded as “the best flight ever.”

I’d like to add one more: any flight on United Airlines that doesn’t end in tears.

Tank’s Travels readers will know about my horrible experience with United in San Francisco in 2012. United is the only airline that has made me cry. At the airport. When I had a dehydration headache, swollen ankles and nowhere to stay overnight in a city with NO rooms available at any of the airport hotels.

Tank versus United Airlines

Three days into my relentless social media campaign against the airline, the aforementioned friend suggesting I kick it up a notch and take my grievance to the top. I was irritating enough to merit a $300 voucher for a future flight.

Smart move. While I waited a year to reluctantly use the voucher, I’ve since travelled five times on United, based on the positive experiences I had on the voucher flight and since then. I wouldn’t have gotten back on United if the voucher hadn’t been offered.

Things haven’t been perfect, but rather perfect-ish. Some planes have left the gate a wee bit late. On the flip side, the flight crews have been happy, helpful and friendly. My luggage has arrived at the correct destination, as have I.

Last week, I flew to Puerto Vallarta with a connection in San Francisco. Went without a hitch, notwithstanding a 30 minute delay due to some weirdness with air traffic control in Vancouver.

My flight home through Denver also went well, although the United Express terminal is a rung of Hell that Dante (of “Inferno” fame) would appreciate. (I’ll blog about this at a later date).

Keep up the good work United Airlines. I’ve got two more trips booked with you in the next six months.

For now, I’m buying into United’s ‘friendly skies’ slogan. For now.

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